Italia Net Services was founded in 2001 and is the number one consortium in the field of installation and maintenance services for telecommunications in Italy. Its birth was determined by the need of important telecommunications players to identify a single interface for all needs: INS has been a very innovative solution.

The associated companies forming Italia Net Services make a large team serving TLC Operators and Leading international Technological Vendors aggregating multiple experiences that led to an extraordinary success.

Over time, the high capacity to adapt to further market developments, makes Italia Net Services a global reference in the complex sector of Information Communication Technology, with TLC skills increasing further, consolidating important experiences and referrals even in the IT market, Security, IoT, Smart Solutions and Energy sectors.

operating skills

  • construction and maintenance of complex projects, in each implementation phase (design, installation, maintenance, operational control, repair);
  • specialized technical certifications of the most well known technological vendors of TLC equipment, IT, Security etc.;
  • aggregate operative team, present throughout the country, consisting of a large quantity of various professional figures managing independently the complexity of the projects in each phase of construction;
  • capillary presence at territorial level, with operating offices in every region, for the best project implementation and management also in logistics (warehouses distributed widely to supply equipment, faults and stock management services, etc.);
  • administrative management of the order in every operational phase, and in various management aspects (bid management, pre and post sales management, technical operations, customers services, help-desk services, delivery management, etc.).